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The benefits and drawbacks of polycarbonate roofing sheets

Polycarbonate panels can withstand force and are virtually unbreakable. This is why they are used in the construction of bulletproof police shields. The UV blockage is another huge advantage of these panels, making them the perfect material choice for constructing awnings in commercial buildings. As the panels are extremely light in weight, they can be easily transported and installed wherever they are required.

The excellent properties of polycarbonate panels make them the preferred material for building greenhouses. These panels are resistant to heat, sunlight, snow, and rain, which enable them to last for many years without fading or discolouring.

Polycarbonate panels have a few disadvantages when they’re compared to plastic or glass. The biggest disadvantage is their high price. These materials are much more expensive than plastic or glass and as a result, customers opt for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) which is tougher, but not impact and heat resistant. Although ABS is cheaper and offers a good solution to consumers, it is only recommended for people who don’t need the extreme toughness of polycarbonate panels. Another downfall to polycarbonate sheets is that they are not scratch resistant and denting on the surface is possible if extra care is not taken! Are you looking for Metal Deck Zink? click here for more info METAL DECK ZINK

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